( Courtesy Riveridge Produce )

Riveridge Produce,Sparta,Mich.,is ready for theasparagusseason.

The company markets asparagus for Ridgeview Orchards and Shafer Lake,which represent some of the largest family-owned growers in Michigan,according to a w88appnews release.

The company offers the following pack options:

1-pound bundles with Michigan-grown tags,available in 11- and 28-pound cartons;
1-pound bags that feature a recipe;
2-pound (and more) bags,ideal for cookouts,canning and freezing;and
12-ounce microwave bags.

Riveridge has photos highlighting the state's hand-snapped spear method of harvesting,along with graphics on healthy eating,for retailers to use on social media,according to the release.

The state's asparagus harvest starts in early May and is expected to last for 6-7 weeks.

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